Welcome Readers!

It is said that in the first 15 minutes you meet someone, you will know if there is a connection or not. What if in the first 15 minutes, things tend proceed like this:

- Your date talks exactly like Steve Urkel from Family Matters.

- OR your date is wearing crispy-starched cream colored pants, a barely buttoned shirt (with not so flattering physique) with chest hair peeking out screaming "walk on my carpet," loafers, and a thick mustache ala 70's South Indian movie actor.

- OR your guy wanted to be the President of America and asked you to be his First Lady by the second date and with detailed plans of both of your lives from the names and number of children to the perspective members of the cabinet (while you are doubtful that he can fix as much as a kitchen cabinet).

With today's complex dating scene, it seems you need that 15 minutes and then some. You need someone who's been through it all so you don't have to. Enter Wheatish Complexion – A cosmopolitan Desi (Indian) Girl who entered the dating scene with an open heart but now is a battle-tested Vet; who has developed an eye (and nose) for those "uh…ohs", "oh…shit, here we go again" waiting to happen.

From a small chat in the gym between two friends ("These stories are starting to become book worthy" - WC) to a letter to Oprah ("Dear Oprah, I don't even know where to begin" - WC) and now here to the blog, Wheatish Complexion is here to bring you all the details, whether it's juicy, or just plain, freakin crazy.

For you ladies, we offer tips, tricks, and advice for the do's and don'ts; and for the guys, a dating manual so that you don't become fodder for the blog. After all, what better way to navigate the dating scene than sharing the experiences with each other (well, not sharing too much). So grab a seat, fire up that laptop, or all your other devices and dive into the world of Wheatish Complexion.

But is that all we offer? No. Wheatish Complexion offers you a glimpse into the thoughts, and emotions of an Indian girl. It is a unique perspective into a world that might resonate with some and surprise the others. We intend to offer this blog as a platform for the complex issues, and questions that we women have to face in our day-to-day lives. Don’t worry, we will not be passing on the noble traditions such as hackling with the shopkeepers, or wearing sandals over socks that our female ancestors oh so cherish. But, we will raise the questions that women of all ethnicities, cultures and colors are facing or might have to face. Wheatish Complexion hopes to provide a creative, fun, slightly serious and sometimes even pissed off avenue for the female expression. Ladies, it’s time to INSPIRE, EMPOWER, and IMPACT our world!