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Random Acts of Kindness by Rahul Yaratha


When I was growing up, I had once asked my parents for the newest video game console that had just come out.   My mom asked why I wanted this new console when I already had so many other video games; I told her that I had to have it to experience the best that was out there or I wouldn’t be happy.   My mom then proposed that instead of spending money to get a new video game console, I should consider donating the money to some charities in India.   When I asked why I would want to do that, my mom replied that “it takes a lot to make yourself happy, but it only takes a little to make others happy.”   Embracing this principle that my mom espoused, I took it to heart and elected to make the donation to the charities instead of getting the new console system.   As I have gone through life, I have attempted to abide by this principle but living in a society that places a high value of materialism, I would get caught up in the materialistic cycle with cars, clothes, electronics, and various other items in order to sate me, my family’s, and my friends’ happiness.   But every once awhile an event would transpire in my life to help put things back into perspective and make me realize the wisdom and truth of my mom’s principle.

When I was at a friend’s wedding recently, I went through the events of the evening, enjoying the wedding and the reception.    The following evening when I was at home relaxing on the couch, my roommate, who had also attended the wedding, returned to the house and asked me about what I had done the night before.   Befuddled by his comment, he explained  that during the tail end of the reception, I had apparently gone through the reception hall, grabbed all the flowers off the tables, made them into a bouquet, and then proceeded to walk to the middle of the dance floor and gave them to a girl.   I was completely floored about what I had done; my roommate replied that it was the most random yet memorable thing he had seen in a long time.

The following week, while we were in another town for several days of work, we were driving back to our hotel when my roommate and I started talking about my antics at the wedding.   Giving me a hard time about my stunt, I started thinking about this “random bouquet” that I had given to a girl on the reception dance floor.    At the hotel we were staying at, I had noticed that the front desk lady hadn’t been in a great mood.   We were patient and cordial with her and kept to ourselves, but I got to thinking about how I could perhaps brighten her day.   My roommate had asked to stop at Walmart to get some supplies so we stopped and entered.   Upon walking in, right at the main entrance, was a large display of bouquet of flowers.    Inspiration hit me and I instantly grabbed a bouquet of flowers; giving the bouquet to the front desk lady would be my “random act of kindness.”

When we returned back to the hotel, I delivered the bouquet of flowers to her; she was absolutely delighted and proceeded to tell the person she was on the phone with that a young man had randomly given her flowers and it had made her day.   With this act, my mom’s words of “it takes a lot to make yourself happy, but it only takes a little to make others happy” came full force.   After the bouquet delivery, I decided to complete a Bouquet of Flowers campaign, delivering flowers to strangers, friends, and family over the course of the next several months.   Never could I have imagined the happiness, surprise, love, laughter, and strengthened bonds that resulted from the bouquet campaign.   For as something simple as flowers, the profound effects that were brought by the flower deliveries impacted people and myself like never before.   By making others happy, I found that I became even happier than I would have through self-fulfillment through buying myself items and what not.   Nowadays, when I feel like I need to brighten up the day or enjoy a happy moment, I’ll find myself making a surprise bouquet of flowers delivery.   When the going gets tough, you’ll find a random act of kindness goes a long, long way.

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Can’t We Just Be Kind To One Another?


This has been weighing heavily on my heart, and I waited to post because I’ve been processing what had happened because I did not want to react, or my thoughts to sound like a rant. I wanted to organize my emotions and rethink my experience of what just happened. However, I strongly believe it is my responsibility to share this with you all. Because, first of all, we as a community need to come together against bigotry, racism, hate and small-mindedness. Secondly, by staying quiet, we give more power to the perpetrators.

I’ve been an American most of my life and this is my country, and you’re my people. I never judge anyone by their skin color, faith, or background. I think being accusatory, ignorant, unwelcoming is very “UNAMERICAN.” On Easter Sunday, one of the most auspicious days, as I was pumping gas at a small station, I heard this call towards me, “Hey sand nigger, go back to your country!”

For a moment, I could not believe it was being said to me. But, I cannot help the fact that this person looked right at me when he yelled it. I just want to point out if we don’t pull together as a community and as a nation, pretty soon, our pride, “the American values” will be a thing of the past. This will no longer be a land of the free, and home of the brave. We cannot allow dirty politics, ignorance, cowardly acts of terrorism to redefine our beliefs and our actions. This has been said before, if we change the way we think and live, they (bigots, haters, terrorists, and racists) win. We CANNOT allow this to happen. I for one, will not stay quiet. I will share my story in the hopes that if something like this has happened or may happen to any of you, understand that you are not alone. One more thing, if there is anyone out there who has feelings of hatred brewing inside their hearts and minds, I ask you, PLEASE THINK AGAIN. No religion, no family values, and hope no parents in the world teach their children to spew such hatred at an innocent stranger.

I will admit it hurts to hear something like this from our fellow countrymen, and it makes you rethink your life and question humanity. I was so astonished at that moment, all I could think of was, “what do you mean? I am an American.” I AM AN AMERICAN. And it is against my American values to take this lying down. But instead of fighting hatred with hatred, we fight it with awareness and solidarity.

Friends, Brothers and Sisters, please stand against hate, bigotry, and racism. Share your stories and give voice to the defenseless. Let’s make our voices so strong and high that they drown out the words of hate and ignorance.

P. S. For the record, I detest and loathe the use of the N-word. I have never used it and I do not associate with people who say it. Only, in this context I was forced to type it and I hate the fact that to bring out this injustice I was forced to abandon one of my scared rules.

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