Can A Lighter Color Of Eyes Compensate For The Dark Skin Tone? Is This A Game?


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What is the look that most men desire or go after? If you are talking in general terms, we are talking about fair skin, Barbie doll “skinny”, taller than 5’5, bluish/greenish eyes, or shades of hazel. Now, this could strictly be my opinion; however, it appears to be true based on what I have observed in the media, beauty pageants, and also when it comes to the marriage market. Now, if you don’t have any of these qualities, there is a possibility while growing up, you were made to understand that some girls are more beautiful or exquisite than you because they possess qualities mentioned above.

Hey, no worries though, because you may not have missed the boat completely because if you can manage to have even one of the qualities mentioned above, you are still in the game. Please consider the following scenarios.

So, imagine a female who is about 5’3, a glowing wheatish complexion, dark brown eyes, and has a nice butt and set of boobs. Do you think this girl with these physical attributes will win most beauty contests? Probably not but you add a set of green eyes, she suddenly becomes the “EXOTIC BEAUTY” that men find desirable. You might argue, “what about Miss America, Nina Davuluri? Do understand that she was not chosen by a huge population of men who were looking for their suitable match; she was chosen by a panel of judges following particular pageant rules and regulations. To the vast majority of men, given the choice, between Miss America, Nina Davuluri and Miss World 1994, Aishwarya Rai (in her 20s), which woman do you think most men would choose?

Now, if you are still not tall, have brown eyes, average looks and weight/height, you’ll need fair skin. There are some Indian girls who may not carry the looks or have such striking facial features, but they are fairer than the average Indian girl, so guess what? Yup, it makes them more desirable. Do you agree?

Hold on here, I’m not done yet. Let me add this to the equation. Now imagine this. Here is another girl: wheatish skin, dark brown/black eyes, 5/2 which is the average height for an Indian woman, and not completely malnourished. For her to catch a “suitable” groom or a match, she better have an MD to compensate for all those lack of physical attributes. You’re probably thinking, “really, an MD?” Unfortunately, I have experienced it and many others have too.

Now she has NONE, absolutely NONE of the so-called desirable looks, and NO MD. Guess what happens? Well, this poor girl might need a dowry hefty enough to be pulled by elephants. Pretty pathetic, isn’t it? Now, leaving the lucky few aside, this is what the marriage mart looks like for many of us.

What is your opinion about all this? Care to share? You may or may not agree with what I wrote but these are my true observations and this is what my experiences have been and I suspect many of my female readers have faced the same.

Do this… type the words, “beauty” in Google images. The first page is dominated by women with light hair color, fair skin, a slender body and light-eyes. If you have happened to see a girl there with dark-hair, dark skin, she will not have dark eyes. By the grace of God, in the first few pages, if you come across an African American woman, her hair would be covered with a cloth or “improved” with a weave and not her natural curly hair. Apparently, similar expectations are applied to the idea of an Indian beauty as well. In conclusion, it seems our idea of beauty leaves most of us behind.


If you think this horse has not been beaten enough, copy and paste the following:

4 thoughts on “Can A Lighter Color Of Eyes Compensate For The Dark Skin Tone? Is This A Game?

  1. Sadly, I’ve seen and overheard these statements all too often. I just cannot understand or get behind the idea of compensating for one’s features because they do not comport with one stereotypical ideal of beauty. To treat an individual’s qualities as less than desirable when they are unique and sets you apart from others (and others different from others, etc.), is a short-sighted way to approach life in general.

  2. Oh My! This is so true! It’s unfortunate even this day in age, people act like this. The world needs to open their eyes!! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Wonderful commentary on how arbitrary “beauty” can be! I also love the “be your own kind of beautiful” advice. I would love to see you do a follow-up on what real beauty is! Bright, sophisticated, accomplished…and the importance of self-love. If you believe you’re beautiful, you’ve impressed the most important person in the world. Keep it up! Looking forward to reading the next post.

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