Can’t We Just Be Kind To One Another?


This has been weighing heavily on my heart, and I waited to post because I’ve been processing what had happened because I did not want to react, or my thoughts to sound like a rant. I wanted to organize my emotions and rethink my experience of what just happened. However, I strongly believe it is my responsibility to share this with you all. Because, first of all, we as a community need to come together against bigotry, racism, hate and small-mindedness. Secondly, by staying quiet, we give more power to the perpetrators.

I’ve been an American most of my life and this is my country, and you’re my people. I never judge anyone by their skin color, faith, or background. I think being accusatory, ignorant, unwelcoming is very “UNAMERICAN.” On Easter Sunday, one of the most auspicious days, as I was pumping gas at a small station, I heard this call towards me, “Hey sand nigger, go back to your country!”

For a moment, I could not believe it was being said to me. But, I cannot help the fact that this person looked right at me when he yelled it. I just want to point out if we don’t pull together as a community and as a nation, pretty soon, our pride, “the American values” will be a thing of the past. This will no longer be a land of the free, and home of the brave. We cannot allow dirty politics, ignorance, cowardly acts of terrorism to redefine our beliefs and our actions. This has been said before, if we change the way we think and live, they (bigots, haters, terrorists, and racists) win. We CANNOT allow this to happen. I for one, will not stay quiet. I will share my story in the hopes that if something like this has happened or may happen to any of you, understand that you are not alone. One more thing, if there is anyone out there who has feelings of hatred brewing inside their hearts and minds, I ask you, PLEASE THINK AGAIN. No religion, no family values, and hope no parents in the world teach their children to spew such hatred at an innocent stranger.

I will admit it hurts to hear something like this from our fellow countrymen, and it makes you rethink your life and question humanity. I was so astonished at that moment, all I could think of was, “what do you mean? I am an American.” I AM AN AMERICAN. And it is against my American values to take this lying down. But instead of fighting hatred with hatred, we fight it with awareness and solidarity.

Friends, Brothers and Sisters, please stand against hate, bigotry, and racism. Share your stories and give voice to the defenseless. Let’s make our voices so strong and high that they drown out the words of hate and ignorance.

P. S. For the record, I detest and loathe the use of the N-word. I have never used it and I do not associate with people who say it. Only, in this context I was forced to type it and I hate the fact that to bring out this injustice I was forced to abandon one of my scared rules.

‪#‎NoMoreHate‬ ‪#‎PracticeKindness‬

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