From an Angry Indian American WOMAN! WAKE the HELL UP AMERICA!

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So, I wrote this piece back in May and forgot to share it. I assume many of you have been affected by this and thinking about it, but I have been pondering on the most recent school shooting in Colorado and thinking about my niece, nephew, friend’s children and children I work with. Every second, every minute is beautiful, and we cannot take it for granted. Hug your loved ones, tell them you love them. Let me know tell you what is in my heart and mind.

Seems like ever day, there is a school shooting- 35 shootings since the fall and this one being the 15th since January. Is this the norm now, is this the future of our children and country?!!! AMERICA, you are wrong! We do not have a problem, WE HAVE A CRISIS!! Wake the hell up!! Time to change your outlook and then look out. Kendrick Castillo sacrificed his life to save another- there have been so many young heroes like Kendrick… a young man who had his entire life in front of him. He did not deserve this, his parents didn’t deserve this!

When will these children get to be children? Why do they have to go to school every day thinking they have to be brave and courageous because of a possible shooter? No child deserves to go to school in a coat of fear. How did it come to this? What was the moment when we stopped being shocked by the senseless killing of our children. When will action be taken?

I am sorry for the parents, loved ones and the families of the slain. I am sorry but we continue to fail you over and over again. I am sorry that your children were not safe in the most powerful nation on earth. Your families did not deserve to be torn apart. There is nothing we can offer you now, our hearts are heavy and our hands are empty. When will action to be taken?

I am sorry for the parents, loved ones and the families of the ones who were injured. May your wounds heal and your bodies grow stronger. I am sorry that you must bear the scars of violence on your innocent bodies. We had the opportunity, many of them, to learn from our mistakes, but we did not! It keeps happening over and over. I am sorry that you paid the price for our FAILURE to act. When will action be taken?

I am sorry for the parents, loved ones and the families of the ones who were put in harm’s way, who were scared, who were running for safety, who lost their friend. I hope you emerge from this trauma to be more resilient, courageous and take action.

I will continue to HOPE and I will continue to PRAY this will be the last school shooting in our country. But, I know it won’t. I hope that no parent or family has to go through this again. I hope we can agree on the fact that no parent should bury their child, no child should be terrorized in school, and NO SCHOOLYARD should become a GRAVEYARD. School is a sanctuary for knowledge, not a lock down. Let’s not just mourn this precious soul, but let’s honor him.

ACTION ACTION ACTION! Let’s not allow ignorance, and unscrupulous politics run this country into the abyss. Praying and Hoping for ACTION to be taken And for a safe future for our children. “Guns over children… America 2019?” We need to change this NOW!

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