Happy Independence Day!

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I have been pondering and thinking a lot  about the state of our country, United States of America  🇺🇸. Being in immigrant in this country, I have experienced and have seen so much. I have come to this conclusion… so here is my message to everyone!
All of us carry the hopes and dreams of our ancestors. We carry the history of our people, use their wisdom and teachings to make our nation a better place because diversity promotes curiosity and it’s that diversity passed down from one generation to another that makes AMERICA GREAT!
If we stop looking at what divides us, we’ll begin to see what beautifully unites us. Not on just this 4th of July, but every day, let us strive to unite together and allow our hearts, your hearts, and everyone’s hearts be filled with compassion, kindness, inclusiveness, acceptance for everyone, and the determination to work hard to make this country a better place for ALL. I encourage each of you to continue breaking borders and building new bonds.
Let us remember that freedom does not come free as it has to be fought for and conquered. Let us not abuse and take advantage of the great gift this nation was given. God Bless America! Be safe and stay kind to one another! Wishing all of you a SAFE and HAPPY July 4th! America, let us learn to lead with love, kindness and compassion.  🇺🇸



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