No Room For Hate! Love & Kindness Always Prevails


It’s been a bit since I have last blogged… I think the last time I logged in was some time in 2017. Much has happened since then. As the world changes, so do I. Over the last few years, certain values have changed and I’ve been seeing life in a different way. I guess as we evolve as human beings, so does our outlook and perspective. Sometimes, we just gotta change our outlook and then look out. With that said, I have changed and been looking out quite a bit… and yes, my vision is clear and seeing things the way they are.

I really had to think about this before I put it down – the last thing I want to do is react versus respond. Here it is…. first of all, New Zealand is heaven on earth! The people of this country are some of the kindest and most welcoming! And a few days ago, White Supremacist Terrorist, not gunmen… TERRORISTS attacked and murdered 50 New Zealanders and left several injured. This incident of terrorism occurred in two mosques in the town of Christchurch, New Zealand and the targets were Muslim men, women, and children gathered there to pray and worship.

As the Kiwi nation comes to grips with their first terrorist attack, I wish to reach out to them with my condolences and hope that they overcome this tragedy together as a community, helping and healing one another.

This atrocity has shown that we are dealing with an international terrorist movement linked to the dangerous ideology of White-Supremacy and religious bigotry. The goal of these White- Supremacist Terrorists was to isolate and injure a particular section of New Zealand society, its Muslim citizens who are already a minority, comprising less than 1 percent of this population. This is a reminder of how weak and cowardly these sick bastards are, that they can only prey upon the powerless.

I understand that there were always those who believed in Fascist and Racist ideologies, but nowadays, these ugly faces of humanity appear strengthened because they believe their thoughts and actions will go unopposed. We must disabuse them of this notion. We must stand with our Muslim brother and sisters; in whatever capacity we can support them and welcome them.

The Future of humanity is in INCLUSIVENESS, in harmony among humans, in love, kindness and respect for all the children of Mother Earth!

White supremacy will not win! Racism will not win! Bigotry will not win!

There is no room for this vile filth and we have the responsibility to raise our voices and fight it! To my Muslim sisters and brothers in Christchurch, New Zealand, here, and around the world, my heart is with you and I stand with you in solidarity 🙏🏼 May peace and love prevail over violence and hate…

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