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The “Fabulous 40s”


Is hitting the big Four-O worse than hitting the big Three-O, ‘cos it felt just as panicky?! Maybe the difference is that for your 30th birthday, your girlfriends took you out for an all -night binge, ‘cos we girls still got it, you know; and age is just a number. But for your 40th your girlfriends took you out for a nice dinner and agreed that YEAH, it is a big change. Of course, times change, you change, and you don’t like to do the same things anymore. Yet, it seems that the clock ticks differently now.

To those inquiring minds who have tried to guess how I old was…yep, proud to finally announce and embrace the fact that I am 43-years-old and darn proud of it! Thinking about it, my 40th birthday was more of a big deal for me than it was for the people around me. Considering the average life expectancy of approximately 80-years-old, that’s half of your life gone. And as the date is approaching and you begin to take stock of your life, the things you have done, the things that got put on the back burner, etc.

Lucky for me, most of my friends and acquaintances were not counting my years as diligently as me and still thought I was a few years shy of the big event. That was pleasantly surprising. After the awkwardness and dental woes of puberty pass, we all begin to try to look younger than we are. And I had at least accomplished that. SNAPS please! 😉

Of course, the nonsense of the world still bothers me, cue – who is the president, stupidity, ignorance…  but I try my best not to allow it to rule my world.  I have become that pigeon on the high-rise, watching the (twitter) storm and ridiculous FB troll comments go by, one eye roll at a time and when it becomes too much – cursing out loud in various languages!

I realized that I am much happier striving towards creating positive change in my little piece of the world. With that said, what has my forties given me, they have given me the time to get to know myself and accept myself as is, the groove to move at my own rhythm and the confidence to not be swayed by the crowd.

So all of you, any of you, who are terrified of reaching a certain age without crossing-out at least half the things in your mythical must-do list, remember… you were a lot dumber when you wrote that list (I know I was), you were probably trying impress or be somebody else, and skydiving is probably not your thing anyway. So, embrace yourself, be proud of your years, the moments that have stayed with you, for better or for worse. Because no one else has lived the life that you have, felt the feelings that you have and been touched by the experiences that you have. Be Light and Be Bright. Be Strong and Be Alive. Don’t try to be, JUST BE!

In honor of living, loving and laughing for 40+ years

Your 40s are a Reflection

A Contemplation of the time gone by
A collection of Sighs & Silence – the moments where words were not enough
A Perspective of the world and beyond

A Wisdom won through toil
An Outlook that comes from within
It’s a Mindset that is not shy of emotions
It’s Sensual, Sexy and Exciting – to be soft and content in your own skin
Here, in this moment, you are Beautiful, you are Lively
The 40s – the Essence, the Journey – put down the roadmap and forge your own path