Think About it …

That “so called” plain looking person, whose picture you commented on and reposted multiple times, just so others could also see how plain she or he was.

What if they could see how ugly your thoughts are? Like really look into the depth of your soul. This is Facebook but think about it, what if there was such a thing called a SoulBook? Every time, a thought or a minutest notion came to your mind, it will become your new SoulBook status; in big, bold, colorful letters; and broadcasted for the world to see.

The more intense your thoughts and emotions behind them, the bigger the letters get. And its all posted on your SoulBook. Would that picture of your soul, your internal monologue, be pretty, filled with flowers and fun emotiCons? Can you be confident that your SoulBook will be mostly if not completely negative, derogatory, insulting, pathetic and loathing? What if everything we think could be seen, that our thoughts could be printed on our face, like a permanent tattoo?

Who would be beautiful then?

Would we not think twice before judging anyone or spreading our negative opinions? Let’s continue thinking about this. When we relish or indulge in pointing out others weaknesses or flaws, we do this without any care of whether or not we might end up hurting someone. I’m just saying… we have all done it, whether it’s on Facebook or off. I cannot confidently say that I have never done it. However, to be consistently discouraging and going out of our way to seek out imperfections so we have that momentary satisfaction of pointing it out, in the guise of “hey, I’m just telling the truth.”

Being truthful does not give you the permission of being hurtful. We as human beings are blessed with this thing… you know… a “conscious.” Can we not manage to be honest without sounding like “bullies” in disguise?

Recently, I have come to ponder on this. What does it say about a person who spends much of their day looking for flaws? Have you checked your SoulBook lately?

Before I continue, I want to apologize if any of you think that this is sounding like a rant. You are very welcome to stop reading right here. Because guess what? It is a rant… and someone has to do it. #MyTwoCents


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